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Social Media Timeline: Leicester top Champions League Group G

The Twitter world reacts to Leicester qualifying for the Round of 16.

Leicester City FC v Club Brugge KV - UEFA Champions League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Leicester City FC continues to defy all the odds. With a 2-1 win over Club Brugge, and some help from FC Porto and FC Copenhagen, the Foxes cemented themselves as Champions League Group G winners. So we here at the Fosse Posse are gonna celebrate the only way we know how: reliving the fun through social media, of course!

This is the perfect place to start. It was a quintessential Leicester goal that sent the Foxes top, and from there they would never look back... (well, maybe they took a peak when things got nervy, but that’s besides the point.)

Remember in the last social recap when I said Ahmed Musa was challenging Shinji for best smile? Well, he lost. When Shinji scores he wears a grin so large that it could even brighten the opposing keeper’s day.

If there was ever a tweet worthy of caps lock, it’s this one. Sheer joy from the club’s official account and it was certainly warranted.

Just in case you needed any more proof that this is, in fact, real and you are not dreaming. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in struggling to believe what you see. But what a sight it is.

This one’s a bit more sobering, but as my colleague Jamie put it, “Champions League, best league.“

Right on cue we have Danny Drinkwater seemingly shushing the doubters and naysayers. Pay no mind to their current Premier League form, Little Leicester are Champions League group winners! #ForeverFearless indeed.

This should help highlight not only how far “Kingy” has come, but how far the club has come. Their journey is as unique as you’ll ever find in the world of sports. Soak it all in, people.

We’re happy for you, Claudio! Seriously, you can’t say enough about how wonderful this man is. There’s just so much joy involved in everything he does.

I don’t know where this journey is going either, Claudio, but what I do know is that every Leicester supporter will be backing you along the way.

Just look at them. These are the men - minus Kasper - who have represented this club throughout its unprecedented rise. It’s only fitting that they would be the starters for such a historic match. Nice work by the Champions League of capturing the magic in a tweet, too.

“Pure happiness.” The Austrian Fox perfectly sums up all of our feelings.

And finally, as always, Leicester’s favorite son does an excellent job of finding a way to describe just how insane all of this is. Of course, Manchester City and Arsenal would both eventually draw, but that doesn't change how crazy it is that Leicester City is one of the clubs representing England in the Champions League.

The fairytale continues...