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Premier League Player Ratings: Leicester City 1-2 West Bromwich Albion


Leicester City v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

I hope this gets out early enough so I can let you all know you don’t have to go to work today. I’ve called in for you all and explained that you sat through such rubbish on Sunday that you need another full day before you can contemplate a working week. They fully understood.

If the whole game had looked like the first half...well it still would've hurt because we really should be beating teams like West Brom, and I was getting pretty fond of our home record.

But oh man, it already felt like Thursday by the time the ref took pity on us and ended that first half. Without any hint of hyperbole, the highlight of those 45 minutes was Wes Morgan tying his laces.

Ron-Robert Zieler - 7

Made a couple of good saves in the first half and showed that he’s a more than adequate backup. I’d rather he showed a little more urgency on back passes though, he was nearly caught twice.

There’s nothing else to do – we have to clear our minds. For me it’s a shame that we have the international break now because we want to make up for today as soon as possible - unlucky to be on the losing side, the German is ready to go again

Danny Simpson - 7

As always, he did his job pretty well throughout. Usually produces few flashy moments, but he did have a goal line clearance to keep it at 0-0 in the first half.

Wes Morgan - 6

Not particularly imposing at winning, intercepting or clearing the ball. he also dragged down Craig Dawson during a corner in a way that would have been a definite penalty earlier this year.

Robert Huth - 6

We only conceded one goal not from a mistake and for the most part they took care of Rondon, who can be dangerous, but once again this pair didn’t really assert themselves on the game.

Christian Fuchs - 7

Led the team in most defensive categories and put in plenty of crosses from the left, but not enough found their mark today.

Riyad Mahrez - 7

It might not tie in with the theme of today’s ratings, but the second half was actually Riyad’s best performance for a while. He had the beating of his fullback time and again, he got one assist and could have had more. Key words, though: second half. Fair play to West Brom, they shut us down completely in the first.

Danny Drinkwater - 5

This grade makes me feel dirty. He’s a great player and he played much better than this for 94.5 minutes. That backpass sure was terrible though. Try not tot think about it. Try.

Andy King - 6

Being the leading tackler in a game where your side had nearly 60% of possession is another sign that King has really upped his defensive game. Needs to start contributing in their half, though.

Ahmed Musa - 6

I’ve been calling for Gray to play for weeks, but I still don’t understand why it happened this time. The Foxes were finally on top and Musa and Mahrez were both turning their fullbacks inside out every time they touched the ball. Again though, second half. Was he on the pitch before that?

Shinji Okazaki - 5

Probably another underserved 5, but this is more of a team thing. He only played the first half and we were terrible, the game was terrible and everything was terrible. But also, we weren’t actually losing so I guess it could’ve been worse.

Islam Slimani - 7

Slimani got the start because he was fresh, but that’s a tough draw for him. West Brom are huge at the back and are much more worried by Vardy’s pace than Slim’s strength. That said, he did win one aerial battles and scored again with his head, so hard to question the call.

Jamie Vardy - 6

As above, he can feel hard done by to only play a half. His pace has created goals every time we play the Baggies. That said, while his pace made an obvious, game changing impact, he managed just 9 touches and couldn’t put away the one chance created for him.

Demarai Gray - 5

As disappointed as I was to see Musa come off just as he’d hit full stride, I was delighted to see Gray, who’s been used oddly to say the least, get a decent chance. He didn’t really do anything with it.

Leo Ulloa - 5

A desperation sub, he didn't get much time to do anything and, frankly, didn't achieve anything either. Three missed passes is fine, but not from five total touches.

If you disagree with these ratings, please let me know because I had no idea how to rate this game properly. The first half, which we drew, was dire. The second half, which we lost, was actually a decent performance. I give up.

Oh, and there has to be a Man of the Match and this time there’s a clear winner: groundsman John Ledwidge. The playing surface is always immaculate and was this time accompanied by a fitting remembrance tribute.