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Riyad Mahrez school visit makes memories for lucky group of fans

An equalizing penalty from Mahrez and reaction from young fans helped create a special moment for a group of kids.

Professional footballers often get consumed by the pressure of playing on the world’s stage, but midfielder Riyad Mahrez took the time to make a special moment for some lucky Leicester fans.

You may have seen this trio’s reaction to the Algerian international’s penalty in Leicester’s 2-2 draw with Middlesbrough this past weekend. The snapshot made its rounds on social media and on the broadcast, summing up most of Leicester fan’s feelings at the time.

The club found the three and made their week even more special by sending Mahrez and the Premier League trophy right to their school, sparking pandemonium in the classroom as kids clamored for pictures and autographs with the world-class player.

Just look at that face. If Mahrez came into my office with the Premier League trophy, I’d probably do the same.