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Jamie Vardy and Christian Fuchs play your new favorite game: Russian Egg Roulette

The pair participated in a very interesting game of one-on-one after training.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Missing our boys and the international football just not doing it for you? Never fear! Christian Fuchs and Jamie Vardy want to make certain you have a new Easter tradition in this continuation of Christian Fuchs’ #noFuchsgiven video series. How do they do that, you ask? Three simple words: Russian. Egg. Roulette.

Check out the video from Christian Fuchs Facebook page and just revel in the amazing that follows:

Russian Egg Roulette

Russian egg roulette Easter special.... #nofuchsgiven

Posted by Christian Fuchs on Sunday, March 27, 2016

How does the game work? There are three hard boiled eggs and three raw eggs, all held in the same container, though no one knows which eggs are raw and which eggs are hard boiled.  The first person to smash two eggs on the other person’s head wins (the raw eggs will break on the head, the hard boiled eggs will not), with a quick game of rock-papers-scissors deciding who gets to go first.

Vardy wins the right to go first, with a strong play of rock over scissor, and promptly takes advantage, grabbing one of the raw eggs and smashing it on Fuchs' head. But, not to be outdone, Fuchs immediately returns the favor leaving us tied at 1-1.

It would seem the chances of grabbing all three raw eggs first would be astronomical (or, really, about 5%) but that is exactly what happens as Vardy slams home the third egg for the 2-1 victory with his next selection.

Who would invent such a diabolical game? We’re certain we don’t know, but, really, we all win here and we all also have a new favorite Easter tradition, and something to do with all those left over eggs from Easter Egg hunts!