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Robert Huth wins at that social media thing

It appears that the towering German can use his head for something other than clearing the ball.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

We all know Robert Huth is incredible.

A 'man mountain' as they say, the German has been instrumental in solidifying Leicester's back four, not just this incredible season but down the stretch last year in the middle of the relegation scrap.

He's big, strong, mean, aggressive...just your all around bad ass of a center back. And attackers hate playing against him. At 31, Huth has seen a lot in his career and it could be set for a third Premier League title.

One thing that doesn't always get mentioned about the massive defender is his witty presence on social media. More of the dynamite drop-in type than the over-sharer, Huth has been known to produce one or two gems in his day.

Today was one of those days:

Just amazing. In a year that's seen him blast a free kick all the way to Stoke, have the occasional charge up field with the ball to scoring an impressive three goals, Huth still has time to unleash the snappy quips.

Don't ever change, Robert.