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Leicester Links: 04/13/16

Get your Wednesday started by checking out everything you may have missed in the world of Leicester City.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Welcome to another edition of Leicester Links, your semi-regular view of everything happening in the world of Leicester City.

IT WAS STILL 33-1 IN JANUARY?!: Let's start today off with a fun little chart from the Mirror tracing Leicester's Premier League title odds from 5000-1 down to the 1-5 they are right now.  Of course, even at 1-5 and the odds on favorite to win the title, the team is still having fun while doing it (but not too much fun as Claudio Ranieri is keeping them focused!).

SELL A KIDNEY?: Success is not always fun, though, especially when you are a fan hoping for a set of tickets to the final home game of the season.  Those are currently going for an eye popping £15,000 on the secondary market.

BRING THE WHOLE ROYAL PARTY TO THE VARDY PARTY!: Claudio has invited Prince William to sample the electricity of King Power Stadium and to celebrate the Foxes' season.

NEXT IN LINE FOR AN INVITE...: Pele has also jumped on board the Leicester City praise train as he gives the credit to the "organized and hard-working" team.  Samuel Eto'o also wants in on the fun.

TELEPATHY, YOU SAY?: The Leicester Mercury takes a look into the almost telepathic understanding that Jamie Vardy and Danny Drinkwater share.

WEAR BLUE: Local businesses and fans have come together to turn Leicester blue in honor of the club's fantastic season.  The event will happen on April 29th. Not invited? Probably Graeme Souness who refused to pick Riyad Mahrez in his team of the year.

PRACTICE?  WE'RE TALKING PRACTICE?!: Jamie Vardy isn't allowed to practice his shooting much in practice as Claudio wants to make sure he gets some rest, as well.

CAN WE BE EXTRAS?: Christian Fuchs wants Ryan Reynolds to play him in the Jamie Vardy movie.

Until Friday, the comments are yours!