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Jamie Vardy adds drama to title race with charge of improper conduct

This wasn't part of the plan but a new obstacle Leicester must face.

Vardy exits early in the second half
Vardy exits early in the second half
Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Leicester City wouldn't be in a position to take the league title if not for the efforts of Jamie Vardy this season. The 29-year-old has been living a dream this year tallying 22 goals, second at the moment only to Harry Kane's 24. But his actions Sunday against West Ham have put him and the club in a nightmare of a situation.

Vardy earned his first card of the day in the 28th minute and his second in the 56th for simulation. Being sent-off and subsequently banned from this Sunday's match against Swansea was bad enough for the Foxes this late into a title race. But Vardy's actions after the card, including cursing at the official, earned him a charge of Improper Conduct from the FA and likely a suspension from the ever-important match against Manchester United on May 1st.

Tottenham's 4-0 dismantling of Stoke City brings the second place Spurs within 5 points of LCFC. Looking ahead to likely at least two matches without one of the key players behind Leicester's incredible season is troubling for those fans pulling for the unlikely leaders, especially as Harry Kane shows no sign of slowing down.

The club and Vardy have until Thursday to appeal, but its difficult to find grounds on which the charges should be dismissed. While we'll anxiously watch the events unfold over the next few days, its fairly safe to assume that the striker will be watching his squad take on both Swansea and Manchester United away from the pitch, unable to contribute to the tightening title race.