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Leicester Links: 04/20/16

Get through the midweek lull with this exciting batch of Leicester City news!

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Welcome to another edition of Leicester Links, your look into everything you may have missed over the last 48 hours in the world of Leicester City.

Of course, we begin today with the news that everyone is talking about:

NOT SUCH A VARDY PARTY?: Jamie Vardy has been charged by the FA for inappropriate conduct following his sending off on Sunday.  Of course, from the Leicester side of things, Gary Lineker believes the charge is ridiculous, while Claudio Ranieri says that Leo Ulloa will step in for Jamie Vardy if he is suspended.

On to some happier news...

FREQUENT FLYER MILES FOR EVERYONE: Two Leicester City fans have clock 20,500 air miles to watch Leicester City play Everton, with one flan flying from Dubai and the other traveling from Singapore.

FREE CURRY FOR EVERYONE: Spice Bazzar in Leicester will offer 1,000 fans free curry if the club wins the Premier League.

PRESSURE? WHAT PRESSURE?: takes a look at the pressure Leicester is facing as they head into the final few matches of the season.

TRANSFER RUMORS?  MUST BE A DAY THAT ENDS IN Y: It occurs to me that I use that line all the time but, alas, here we are again. has the scoop on the latest rumor- this one sends Riyad Mahrez to Arsenal over the summer.

Until Friday, the comments are all yours!