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Leicester Links: 04/27/16

Get through your midweek slog with this exciting batch of Leicester City news!

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Welcome to hump day.  The good news?  I've got another edition of Leicester Links ready to get you through to Friday.

DON'T LOSE YOUR HEAD (LITERALLY): Demarai Gray had a close call with a helicopter blade when he arrived in London to cheer on his teammates at the PFA Awards.

WHILE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE PFA AWARDS...: Riyad Mahrez is the least expensive non-academy product to be voted Player of the Year in the last 23 years.  Good thing he has no plans to leave anytime soon.

"AND NOW YOU'RE GOING TO BELIEVE US!": An absolutely fantastic read from ESPN takes a look at the belief that is starting to spread through the 330,000 residents of Leicester.

HOPE YOU GOT YOUR BETS IN EARLY: Leicester City are now 1/25 to win the Premier League title. Just ask Tom Hanks, that's a massive fall from 5000/1.

THESE WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER GET OLD: The Leicester Mercury looks at fan reactions after the West Brom-Tottenham draw.

CAN I GET A COMPUTER DEAL...?: Filbert Fox has a new shoe deal with Puma.  Really.

Until Friday, the comments are yours!