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Leicester Links: 04/29/16

Get your weekend started off the right way with today's Leicester Links!

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

We made it!  It's almost the weekend, which means it's almost Sunday!  And, of course, we all know what Sunday could bring...

ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS: ESPN takes a look inside the numbers behind Leicester City's amazing rise this year.

HOPE THEY HAVE A MASSIVE TV: A lifelong Leicester City fan has seen his wedding clash with the exact time of the Manchester United game on Sunday.  Decisions, decisions...

NO 5000-1 THIS TIME: Leicester City have opened up Champions League betting at a mere 100-1 to win the whole thing, I think the guys know something about overcoming odds like that.

TRANSFER RUMORS?  MUST BE YET ANOTHER DAY THAT ENDS IN Y: Rumor has it that Leicester City may be fine to see N'Golo Kante depart this summer...provided that they can find a replacement.

DOES IT GET BIGGER THAN THE NY TIMES?: One of the biggest newspapers in the United States ran this fantastic story on Leicester City as its MAIN article today.

Until Monday, the comments are yours (but who am I kidding, you only want it to be Sunday)!