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Caption This: Wes Morgan gets air that LeBron would be proud of

Would you just look at what Captain Morgan is capable of?!

The caption is all yours. Make it a good one.
The caption is all yours. Make it a good one.
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Move over LeBron James, there's a new master of the gravity-defying leap...and he plays soccer.

Wes Morgan has been a revelation for Leicester this season. Paired with Robert Huth at the center of Leicester's defense, the Jamaican has quelled Premier League attackers at every turn en route to his club's first place standing.

On Sunday against Southampton, he took it one step further and scored the lone goal in the Foxes 1-0 victory, a fantastic headed effort, that pushed them seven points clear at the top of the EPL table. There are only six matches left to play, can you believe that?

Morgan also had an attempt from a corner that birthed this surreal photo. That would have been some second if he managed to power it home. In all, a great match for the captain.

Oh, and he also taught Keanu Reeves everything he knows about Kung Fu.

Drop your caption to this fantastic image in the comments because why not, right?