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Claudio Ranieri pens fabulous first-person account on Players' Tribune

The gaffer spoke honestly and eloquently about his first season in charge at Leicester City Football Club

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

If you could ask Nigel Pearson the three things he'd least like to do in all the world, one of them would be writing a very-public, very-telling, open letter on his progress and prowess as a manager. The other two would involve talking to the media about said piece.

That was his nature. His prickly, abrasive nature. And for Leicester last season (and many before it), it worked.

Enter Claudio Ranieiri.

Brought in as the shock replacement to the sacked Pearson, the veteran Italian manager has helped write one of the greatest stories in sports history, not just football. It has been nothing short of unbelievable. Then, much to Pearson's chagrin, he, through the Players' Tribune, released a palpably-sincere account of his year on the hot seat at the King Power Stadium:

There is little more I want to add to this summary because my words won't do it justice. It just needs to be read and enjoyed for what it is: a magical revelation filled with dreams of pizza and silverware.