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Leicester Links: 05/17/16

It's been quite the party in Leicester over the last few days. Quite the party indeed.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Well that's that, the season is done and we now enter the doldrums of summer. But before we dive off into the days of endless sun and warmth, let's take a look at the links from the last weekend of the season, featuring Leicester's 1-1 draw away at Chelsea.

RECAPS!: Did you miss the game? Check out the recaps herehere, and here.

LET'S DO IT AGAIN!: Danny Drinkwater believes Leicester City can do it again next year, we sure hope so!

WE AGREE WITH GUUS: Guus Hiddink says that Leicester City has changed the Premier League forever and who are we to argue.

10 POINTS!: Just to recap it all...Leicester finished 10 points atop the league. What an amazing accomplishment and an amazing season.

LEICESTER'S HAVING A PARTY: Leicester put on quite the party to celebrate its Premier League winning side yesterday...and rock band Kasabian, massive City supporters, performed.

Until later this week!