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Eden Hazard goal wins title for the second straight season

...only this time it clinched the title for Leicester.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Following Chelsea's 4-1 victory over Bournemouth, Eden Hazard was asked who he wanted to win the title.

"We don't want - the fans, the club, the players - Tottenham to win the Premier League, but in football you never know. We hope for Leicester City because they deserve to be champions this season, but we will see. We have a good game next week against Tottenham, if we can beat them it will be good."

Down 2-1 against Tottenham, it was Hazard who scored the equalizer (and it was a stunning goal) for Chelsea and subsequently ended Tottenham's hopes at a Premier League title, giving Leicester it's first championship.

After the match, Hazard was asked what he thought of Leicester actually winning the title. With a heavy-heart, the now former Premier League champion midfielder told Sky Sports, "Leicester deserve to be champions. It's good for the Premier League."

"It's always good to score in front of our fans. This game was very important for Chelsea. We deserved the draw. I don't care who is champions."

Chelsea skipper John Terry was also pleased with Leicester winning the title. In a post-match interview, Terry congratulated Leicester on their superb form this season, but described how difficult it was to see someone else take home the trophy.

"It still hurts us losing the league after winning it last year. We weren't here to beat Tottenham and stop them doing it, it hurts us conceding it to Leicester but we will be back next year."

Leicester and Chelsea will face each other on the final day of the season at Stamford Bridge.