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I do not believe my eyes: Leicester City Football Club has won the English Premier League

It cannot be true. It cannot be true. It cannot be true. Okay, but it is.

Rob Stothard/Getty Images

What we've seen this season may never be replicated.

What we've seen this season may never be matched.

What we've seen this season may forever be known as the season in the Premier League that defied the odds. That bucked the trends. Spat in the face of the establishment and by doing so, rocked the very foundation of football in the country of its creation.

Leicester City Football Club, Premier League Champions.

Those seven words don't belong in a sentence together, definitely not in that strange order.

But yet, here we sit. Vardy's Party raging into the wee hours of the night in the East Midlands' most famous city with a major potato crisp manufacturer. Wes Morgan, dubbed Captain Morgan for his heroics and ability to look cool wherever he is, will lead an 11-man squad of champions on Saturday against Everton. The Tinkerman is now the Tinselman.

This is the reality of what has happened.

But wait, there's more! This happened:

This happened:

Then this (very cheeky, caption...but I smiled):

Before the whistle, this happened:

Can we just quickly take a moment to appreciate the effect Eden Hazard had on the match and the parallels it had on this season? Last year's PFA Player of the Year, largely invisible this year after a fantastic previous campaign, comes on and completely changes the game. He was everywhere. His work on the equalizer, which by itself would have been an amazing goal, was all-encompassing. Pace, strength, determination, touch, accuracy, will. Messi would have been proud. So thank you, Eden.

Right, and then as the celebrations began, this extraordinary thing happened:

And then this, one of the most powerful messages of the day, happened:

For those of you who don't know, Andy King is a Leicester legend. With the club when it was relegated from and then immediately promoted to the Championship. With the club through playoff heartbreak after heartbreak. And then again with the club when it was finally promoted to the Premier League and the amazing escape that followed a year later. He's something of a fan favorite. Much like this fella:

And this one. He's probably Leicester's favorite son:

Speaking of sons, one of the most amazing father-son stories that I can think of was unfolding all season as Leicester inched closer to the title:

I mean come on. That's so fantastic. Kasper has well and truly left his father's massive shadow. People hoped it would happen but few expected him to be able to top what Peter (The Great) accomplished. In one season, he one could argue he did just that.

Anddddd to continue my perfectly-transitioned structure, here's someone who knows a his fair share about arguing, not arguing (for once):

High praise right there. If it were Arsenal in the mix, doubt we'd see similar humility but hey, who cares? Didn't stop with Mr. Morgan though. The congratulations rushed in from all shapes and sizes:

I honestly had to search to see who Niall Horan was but it seems that he's pretty popular. One Direction are decent, so he's alright by me. Kasabian, Leicester's other favorite sons, are just as popular and you should listen to them right now.

It's all just wonderful. Wonderful. Full of wonder.

Once I finally am able to close my eyes because I'm tired and not because I want to see the players celebrating or the great people of Leicester screaming into the night outside the King Power Stadium again in my mind, I'll possibly get some sleep. But how could I? Why would I want to?

Today has been unlike any day in my life. It has been unlike any day in any of the lives of any Leicester City fan. And though we may not see one like it again, there will will always, always, a-l-w-a-y-s, be this: