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Leicester Links: 05/20/2016

Get the weekend started off right here with us.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Ah, the summer doldrums have arrived with all of their fervor.  But never fear, we here at Fosse Posse have great things planned all summer long!  Before that, though, let's dive into the latest news from the world of Leicester City.

MAHREZ THE STAR MAN: Sky Sports has been tracking every player in the Premier League all season and they have revealed that Riyad Mahrez, one of the key pieces to Leicester City's stunning success this year, has finished atop their player table.

Y'ALL COME BACK NOW, YA HEAR?: Leicester City have signed head of recruitment Steve Walsh and assistant manager Craig Shakespeare to new contracts.

MARKETING BLITZ: Of course, being a 5000-1 miracle tale comes with some people trying to hop on the bandwagon.  The BBC takes a look into some of the ingenious ways people are trying to hook their companies to Leicester City.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: Take a gander at this magnificent image -- the Leicester City champion's badge.

Until next week, the comments are yours!