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Leicester Links: 05/04/2016

Trying to get back to regular with this dose of Leicester City news, but who are we kidding?

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Everyone still with us, there?  Go ahead, pinch yourself, it's alright, we won't judge (we did the same thing, truth be told).  We.  Are.  The.  Champions.  I'll never get used to typing that but it's the truth.

We, of course, know the big news over the last 48 hours in the world of Leicester City (and I was really tempted to make this whole links post about the Championship and the millions of stories written about it already), but what else did you possibly miss?

OKAY, I LIED: I can't completely dismiss the Championship, so make sure to learn about the victory parade, how Twitter exploded, and the reaction from around England and the rest of the world.  Oh, and make sure you see how the players celebrated, too!

NUMBERS!: Five Thirty Eight has put together an interesting look at the numbers behind Leicester City's rise.

GOING TO BET THESE THINGS SELL OUT, TOO: Walkers is producing a special "Salt and Victory" flavor to celebrate Leicester City's triumph.

THE MOST FAMOUS PHONE CALL IN LEICESTER CITY HISTORY: The Express has all the details on the phone call Claudio Ranieri placed to Guus Hiddink just after the final whistle on Monday night.

THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY...: Bookies are set to pay out £15 million after Leicester's title win, that mistake won't be repeated next year as Leicester City are going off for 200 to 1 right now for next season.

OUR FEARLESS LEADER: Shane Evans, the fearless leader of Fosse Posse, gave an interview.  Give it a read, why don't you?

Until Friday, the comments are yours!