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Jamie Vardy to stay at Leicester City after agreeing to new deal with Champions

Star striker opts to sign new 4 year deal at the club rather than join Arsenal.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

An England international, who scored 24 Premier League goals last season will take less money to reject Arsenal, and instead sign with Leicester City.

Forget the name of the player, forget that he was already ours, forget how disappointed you'd have been if it left. Just think about that first sentence. Then go back a year and tell yourself that news. Go back 10. Go back to any point in the history of the club and there's good chance that no one would believe you.

These are good times, make no mistake. And this is good news, that we shouldn't lose perspective on. No one should have been angry with Vardy if he left. He was great player who gave us a lot and is probably signing his last huge deal. He's chasing to do that with Premier League champions Leicester City. Bask in it.

The deal will keep Vardy at the club for 4 more years and was reported to be worth about £100,000 a week, so he's used the situation to get a better deal, but who could blame him. If he's worth it, he's worth it and this should prevent similar situations with him in the future.

Shh. Not now, Ian, we're basking.

There, that's better.

Obviously this is far from the end of the transfer window and we still have two big question marks remaining. Keeping our star goal scorer might not be the only bonus. Could Vardy's vote of confidence for the club convince Mahrez and Kanté to stick around for another year or more? Obviously we can't say for sure right now but, as a I seem to find myself saying day after day with his team, it certainly can't be bad news.

Hopefully the only negative to this news that I have to stop making jokes about how long until the transfer window closes because we're all enjoying it so much. Or maybe it's that with one target off the table Arsenal might turn their attention to a Fox who'd actually fit their style of play...

We'll think about that tomorrow. For now, the Vardy Party rolls on.