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Wake Up, Leicester! Time to do something...

Chelsea v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

With just a little over a month to go in the summer transfer window and not long until the first match day of the season, Premier League newcomers Middlesbrough have already completed six transfers with a seventh on the horizon. The latest signing comes in the form of Valencia striker Alvaro “Beast” Negredo on loan, formerly of Manchester City.

Meanwhile, here we all are in Leicester. Waiting. Hoping for the Foxes to do something, anything this offseason. Oh sure, we signed Ahmed Musa and Nampalys Mendy not to mention a backup keeper and reserve defender to boot. But that’s it. Really? You can’t honestly sit here and tell me you believe this team is now better than last year’s.

With the challenge of UEFA Champions League on the horizon and the start of a domestic title defense, Leicester has been rather shy this transfer window. They needed to add depth in preparation for a clogged fixture schedule at the start of the year and, so far, have failed.

Arguably the most important piece to last season’s title campaign was midfielder N’Golo Kante. And now he’s gone. Still wearing blue...but no longer a Fox. One of the top players in the Premier League last season, Kante made the switch to Chelsea for approximately 32 million pounds. A measly price to pay given Kante’s skill.

Let’s put that into perspective, though. Kante was (apparently) worth only 32 million pounds. Moussa Sissoko of Newcastle is being shopped around for 35 million pounds. In what messed-up world is Sissoko even near the amount that Kante was worth. Shocking!

But yet Leicester remains content to just sit back and do nothing. Not even a stir in the rumor mill about any possible new signings coming soon. Plenty of talk about current players leaving the squad though.

Riyad Mahrez reportedly asked to leave Leicester though nothing has been validated. Leo Ulloa has been linked with a possible move to Swansea. But it’s a good thing Claudio Ranieri is trying to work on his own new deal.

Yea, yea...having a manager is kind of important, especially one as good as Ranieri. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t 18 capable players he can field. I don’t know about you but personally I’m sick and tired of this reserved attitude when it comes to transfers.

Hell, Leicester are the champions of England and will be playing in the Champions League next season. It’s time they start acting like it. There’s little charisma in this team and that needs to change.

So Leicester, I say it’s time to dig into your pockets and make just a few more strategic moves this offseason. If they leave this team as is, it will be a rough season. They need more depth. Something must be done so please wake up!