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Leicester City teases Champions League road kit

Leicester donned an all-white third kit last season.
Leicester donned an all-white third kit last season.
Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

With Leicester City FC set to take on the challenge of playing in the UEFA Champions League this fall, the club will be revealing another new kit for European road games.

Tuesday morning, the club’s Twitter account gave a literal sneak peak of what a part of the jersey may look like. See for yourself.

What we likely see here is the shoulder of Puma’s new third kit for the upcoming season. The new shirt could look similar to the Foxes home strip with a half collar, only in white.

With this preview, let the speculation begin over whether the new kit will be all white or maybe have some sort of design or pattern. If its anything similar to the Leicester’s other two kits for next year, there will definitely be a subtle pattern on the front of the kit.

However the new European road kit looks, we can be sure the Foxes will be looking #ForeverFearless.