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Leicester reveals new Champions League road kit

Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Throughout the week, Leicester City’s twitter account gave us a sneak peak of the new kit to be announced today. It wasn’t a great deal to go on, but we could be pretty sure it was going to be white like last year’s.

Some had been concerned the club was moving away from white as the club’s secondary colour. If you too were in that boat, or simply just like the look of a crisp white kit, then I’ve got some great news for you.

Looking good, boys.

My first thought on the kit announcement? I’d have to say it was "Why are they holding Marc’s hands? Is he scared?" but after that I was right on to swooning.

Any fears about a lack of white should be dismissed. I personally like the full white idea, especially since, as fellow seeds, we’re unlikely to face the original Merengues, Real Madrid.

I also have to admit that I’m a complete sucker for pinstripes on a shirt, and I think the blue looks great. And if that first shot didn’t sell it for you, let’s try this one:

The dramatic lighting may be unlikely on the pitch, but that’s one handsome shirt. And are those pinstriped socks? Big if true. Let’s go straight to Danny Simpson to see if he can help us out:

The new away kit #lcfc #behindthescenes

A photo posted by Danny Simpson (@danny_simpson) on

Stripey socks confirmed. Huge news.

Look out, Europe, we’re coming for you. And we’re being very careful not to spill anything on ourselves when we do.