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Player Ratings: Leicester City 1-4 Liverpool

Spoilers: we weren’t good

Liverpool v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

In case you missed it, on Saturday Leicester City lost away against Liverpool. When you consider that they lost at Anfield last season and still won the league, it doesn’t seem so bad. Except it was so and they were thrashed soundly.

This evening Liverpool were better than us - Ranieri post match

You can say that again, Claudio.

Still, the important thing from such a loss it to take what positives can be found a-

I mean for some of the game we-

There’s really nothing you can do about a great finish like Lallana’s so-

You know what? There’s only one positive about that game. It’s over. Now we can get down to some cathartic bashing of the players we love to get us back in the mood for Wednesday night. Hold on one second.



Not good in any manner or degree

Synonyms: atrocious, awful, cheap, crummy, dreadful...

Ok, I’m good to go.

Kasper Schmeichel - 6

I’ve deducted a point for only being the 3rd closest defender to the goal in the build up to the 4th. Still, he made some great saves to keep us “in” the game before then.

Danny Simpson - 5

Still waiting to hear about the extent of the injury, but before his play was..checks thesaurus...grody? Played two strikers onside for the Liverpool 2nd which is almost impressive.

Robert Huth - 5

Far from a commanding performance. Things might have gone differently had his powerful header not hit the bar at 2-1 but, well it did. We know this CB is great in the air. When opposition strikers get it on the ground and run right at them it’s a completely different story right now.

Wes Morgan - 6

Another disappointing one for the same reasons as Huth. Gets an extra point for some important last ditch blocks that kept the score close. For a while.

Christian Fuchs - 6

One of the few players that doesn’t really stand out from this one. I’ll take that as a positive. Most of the trouble came from the other side.

Riyad Mahrez - 5

In all seriousness, when do we start to talk about benching him? We have too many attacking options to fit the team and one of them is giving us nothing right now. Obviously, he might turn it on any game now, but we’re losing ground til he does while Musa, Gray, Kapustka et al sit on the bench.

Danny Drinkwater - 6

Not bad, I guess from the maestro. Not good, either. I mean he was outplayed by Jordan Henderson. Won’t have done his England hopes much good.

Daniel Amartey - 4

This one hurt because he was so good last time out and we really need someone to come through here. He wasn’t good at all though and it caused the back line so many problems.

Marc Albrighton - 5

Anyone remember what Marc did? I’m a huge fan and I’d keep him in the 11 but, while “didn’t hear his name” is a positive for someone like Fuchs, a winger needs to create something.

Shinji Okazaki - 6

The haircut didn’t seem to hold him back. Still fun of running and his pressing did force the mistake for our goal. His job is to link midfield play into attack, so when there’s no midfield play it’s hard for him to have a great game.

Jamie Vardy - 7

We’re used to him doing a bit of everything and helping out all levels of the team, but is it really his fault if they’re no good. Ultimately he’s a goal scorer and he scored a goal.

Luis Hernandez - 6

Wasn’t much better than Simpson defensively. His throws are something special though.

Ahmed Musa - 6

The impact sub didn’t really make much of an impact. Things did look briefly better in the first few minutes after his introduction.

Leonardo Ulloa - 5

Apparently played 25 minutes. Huh.

So that’s that. My Leicester Player of the Game - Lucas Leiva. Put Vardy’s goal on a plate.

A depressing game. If only we had something to look forward to.