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Premier League Player Ratings: Leicester City 0-3 Chelsea

Our 4th 3-goal loss of the season

Leicester City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Before we go onto the players out of position, strange substitutions and individual bad play that lead to Leicester City being thrashed 3-0 at home by Chelsea (and we will), it’s worth noting that it really wasn't anywhere near as bad as the score makes it look.

Chelsea dominated possession because, well, of course they did, but they created fewer chances from open play than the Foxes did. The deciding factor of the game was that Chelsea scored with all three of their shots on target. When you consider that one took a big deflection and one was a simple header created by a deflection, you can see that we were actually pretty unlucky to lose so badly.

Kasper Schmeichel - 6

No real errors and he never had a chance at any of the goals, but I can’t give him a 7 for making no saves, can I?

Wes Morgan - 7

I always dread seeing a front line made entirely of smaller, trickier players up against our CBs. Wes would probably have rather faced Diego Costa, but I thought he actually fared pretty well.

Robert Huth - 6

Again, they mostly kept the good chances at bay, but there’s no ignoring the 1st goal. Alonso was unmarked because Albrighton had been dragged across into the empty right CB position, vacated by Morgan, who appeared to be covering for both Huth and Fuchs, who were marking no one.

Christian Fuchs - 4

Yikes. Never looked comfortable in the middle and I still can’t get my head around bringing Huth off over him.

Marc Albrighton - 7

His man scored twice but, as explained above, it wasn’t his fault. Delivered a couple of fantastic crosses early on, but dropped out of the game as Chelsea began to dominate.

Nampalys Mendy - 6

His positional based defensive approach compliments well the energy and combative styles of his new partners in the middle. He also looks like the best passer the team has, which makes you wonder why he’s attempting less passes than almost anyone else on the pitch.

This game is finished, so it’s important now to be concentrated for the next game. It’s important to make a big reaction - the frenchman wants more next time out.

Danny Drinkwater - 7

He was dragged out of position for a lot of the game, being asked to play essentially on the right of a 4, with Musa on the left. He still worked hard and did what was asked, but it’s hard to run the game from out there.

Wilfred Ndidi - 8

Step 1 - try not to overhype 20 year old in his first EPL start. Step 2 - no, really try. Step 3 - six months from now, pundits will be marvelling another Foxes bargain and you won't be able to picture the team without him.

Ben Chilwell - 6

The early gameplan, to sneak Chilwell to the back post for Albrighton crosses, was looking very promising. As the game went on, however, both of them were pinned back and kept out of the game. As tough a choice as it could get, I think the manager needs to pick just one of him and Fuchs from now on.

Ahmed Musa - 5

Like Drinky, the plan was to play him through the middle and give him a chance to recreate what he did last week, but he ended up playing out wide and struggling to get into the game.

Jamie Vardy - 6

He must get lonely, at times. Poor Jamie. He kept working hard to close down defenders chase long balls but he was just so isolated.

Shinji Okazaki - 5

No one seemed to know the plan after he came on and that certainly didn’t help him. Another one who looked good at what he was doing, but wasn’t doing it nearly enough.

Demarai Gray - 6

It looked like a day where we’d be left hoping for individual brilliance to score and, not for the first time, Gray was the only player who looked like he could provide that.

Danny Simpson - 6

The big winner for the day. He did basically nothing, but can be pretty certain that he’ll play next weekend.

Another frustrating game to watch. I don’t think the formation change was completely to blame, but the substitutions certainly didn’t help. Im sure we’ve all been surprised or confused by one of Claudio’s changes before, but it’s unusual to see the same from his players.

My Man of the Match is Wilfred Ndidi. I try not to overhype him, but it’s clear that he’s the greatest midfielder to ever play the game. If you disagree, please let me know below so I can ignore your opinion and belittle you.