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Premier League Player Ratings: Leicester City 0-2 Swansea City

About as frustrating as football gets

Swansea City v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Yet another frustrating loss, this time to Swansea, and I’m starting to get pretty sick of it. It’s not just the losing though. As a fan (and definitely as a ratings writer) what I really can’t stand is the repetition and predictability. They play badly, they lose, we spend all week debating which players to drop, the same 11 is picked, they play badly...

Surely it’s got to stop eventually? The same defenders go out every week and look adequate for 85 minutes, which doesn't really matter because they stop for 5 minutes and concede twice. Not that it matters how many they concede, because we’ve failed to score in 8 of 10 games since the win over Manchester City. We now have a brief respite from league action with the FA Cup and Champions League upcoming. Will we finally use that time to try something else?

Kasper Schmeichel - 6

Made some very good saves again and could do nothing about the first goal. The second seemed to go right through where he was standing.

Danny Simpson - 4

If you go back to the replay for the second goal, you’ll see that as the ball is passed right through the area where it looks like a RB should be, Simpson is 10 yards upfield hugging Fernando Llorente.

Wes Morgan - 4

I’m not going to pretend to have any insider knowledge of how Leicester planned to defend that free kick, but what I do know is that Morgan was stood next to Mawson as it was taken, but ended up nowhere near him.

Robert Huth - 5

Neither CB is good enough right now, and it doesn't have much to do with marking or heading (although they do keep having lapses in those). Both of them refuse to believe in the existence of midfielders and every time they touch the ball, they launch it forwards as far as they can. We very rarely come down with the ball and it means more work for our defenders and no service up front.

Christian Fuchs - 5

More fouls than tackles again for Fuchs. He seems to be struggling a lot with pact wingers at the moment and didn’t offer anything going forwards.

Riyad Mahrez - 5

The early stages of the game were encouraging again, we just have to learn to keep that up for 85 more minutes. The ex-magician completely dropped off after that, while showing no effort defensively.

Danny Drinkwater - 5

Never really looked at the races, either. Just as culpable as Huth and Morgan for the unsuccessful ‘hit and hope’ tactics, but without the excuses of the others. He’s supposed to be a skilful passer.

There’s no way that it’s over and we all know that in there. Come the end of the season, we’ll turn it around I’m sure - Drink thinks there’s reason to be positive. He’s wrong, but it’s nice to hear anyway

Wilfred Ndidi - 6

He certainly still worked hard to win the ball back, which is more than can be said for many. The goal against Derby was fantastic, but he should probably not shoot quite as much as he did.

Marc Albrighton - 4

By far his biggest attacking asset is his crossing, and he didn't get to play a single minute with the team’s only target man. He was also usually subpar defensively and could be seen trailing several steps behind Olsson for the second goal.

Demarai Gray - 6

The talent is absolutely there and he was comfortably the team’s most useful attacking player. He never really looked to help out his teammates though and ultimately, the team only had one shot on target so his play was for nothing at all.

Jamie Vardy - 5

He still works hard, early on he ran at some defenders with purpose and there’s no doubt that poor service is his main issue. The problem is, though, we don't seem capable of giving him the service he needs and until we can, it might be time to try something else.

Islam Slimani - 6

He managed a shot on target, which is more than you can say for anyone else.

Ben Chilwell - 6

He looked more comfortable defensively that Fuchs, but then Swansea weren't really trying to score in the second half. Didn’t add much in an attacking sense.

Daniel Amartey - 5

Claudio explained post match that this sub was about the shape of the team, but really? We were chasing the game and the last change was used on a player that had three touches in the opposition half.

What a cheery way to start Monday, that was. Almost as good as Sunday. Not for the first time this year, my Man of the Match is Demarai Gray, just because he looked like he could do something. If anyone else has any ideas of anyone actually deserving of it, I’d love to know.