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Who will replace Claudio Ranieri as Leicester City manager?

Are there any good candidates at this time of year?

UEFA Super Cup Previews Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

So, Claudio is gone. That sucks, I won’t lie. My heart hurts, but I eat a lot of fatty foods, so it could be that. What’s done is done though, and the most important thing for Leicester City and their fans is that they move and make the right choice as soon as possible.

Sacking the manager at a time like this, you’d hope they had a replacement already lined up. But then you’d have said that when Pearson was sacked in preseason, so let’s have a look at who’s available for the Foxes.

Roberto Mancini

Italian? ✓ Seems lovely? ✓Handsome fella? ✓ Previously managed ultra-rich Premier League team? ✓

In all seriousness, he’s well established, he has Premier League and Champions League experience and a great track record. We’d be stupid not to be interested, but at this point in time, I can’t see that interest being reciprocated. Even if he did play very briefly for us.

Likeliness: 5/10 - he won't want to be the next Benitez

Roberto Di Matteo

Italian? ✓ Seems lovely? ✓

Ok, I’ll stop. In terms of this exact scenario, few have experience to match Di Matteo, who took charge of Chelsea during the Champions League round of 16 and went on to win the tournament. He was, however, also sacked by West Brom, who didn't think he could keep them up.

Likeliness: 4/10 - survival is the priority, not sure he can do that

Guus Hiddink

Speaking of former Chelsea managers, Guus has a very good recent record of taking over after the reigning Premier League Champions sacked the man who won them the title. That’s oddly specific for this situation but he’s another that I’m not sure would want the job.

Likeliness: 6/10 - maybe on a 3-month deal, but I’m not sure what he’d see in it

Gary Rowett

The former Birmingham City (and Leicester) defender is well rated in some circles after putting together three strong seasons in charge of Burton Albion and Birmingham. He led the Blues from 21st to 10th in his first season, before an abrupt sacking while sitting 7th this December. They’ve since dropped to 16th. Would probably be my pick, but I can't see the team taking this risk with league survival on the line.

Likeliness: 7/10 - preparing for the Championship? Maybe.

Alan Pardew

It’s going to be Pardew. Sorry.

Likeliness: 10/10

Frank de Boer

Would be another very risky pick, with no experience in England or a relegation struggle, but he’s a strong leader, which we’ll certainly need, and put together some good seasons with Ajax.

Likeliness: 4/10 - too big a risk

Nigel Pearson

Pls no.

Likeliness: 1/10

Esteban Cambiasso

He’s still playing for Olympiacos, so no. But don’t act like reading his name didn't make you believe again, just a little bit. Basically what I’m saying is that I made a deal with myself that every time I mention Pearson, I will also mention Cambiasso, because I can.

Likeliness: <3/10

Garry Monk

He survived his first survival battle with Swansea, but succumbed to the second. Is doing a good job with Leeds at the moment, which no one’s done for a long time.

Likeliness: 5/10 - has a reasonable record for this, but he isn't free and could go up anyway.

Ryan Giggs

Legally, you have to mention his name when a Premier League job becomes available because surely he’ll get a chance eventually.

Likeliness: 3/10 - already missed out on the Swansea job (twice)

Jaap Stam/David Wagner/Carlos Carvalhal

Currently flying high in the Championship with Reading/Huddersfield/Sheffield Wednesday, but with no Premier League or relegation struggle experience. (Yes, Chris Hughton is doing better than any of them at Brighton, but they’ll almost certainly be in the Premier League next year and he just signed a long contract).

Likeliness: 5/10 - Stam has the name at least

Hodgson, anyone?

Honestly, I’m running out of steam and low on ideas at this point. Most of the remaining names being mentioned are just former Leicester players or managers, extreme long shots who were great players, or Bob Bradley.

My vote is for Rowett, “some players” want Pearson and no one wants Pardew, but it will definitely be him.

Who would you like to see and who do you expect to see hired? Have I missed anyone you think has a good shot at the job? I hope so because it’s not a great list.