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Premier League Player Ratings: Leicester City 3-1 Liverpool

No seriously, we won a game

Leicester City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Yeah, I’m still not really sure what to make of this great performance. Am I glad they played well, am I annoyed they didn’t do this for Claudio? Honestly, it’s probably both to an extent, but some players are getting unfair stick. Jamie Vardy, for instance has been singled out for making more sprints than any other game, suggesting he was trying harder. The truth is that Liverpool left more space in behind than most and he received more out-balls to run onto. He sprinted more because he had more opportunity.

That’s also why I’m waiting until next week to say the team is at the races again. Remember how we thought the Manchester City game was a turning point? Turned out they just hadn't adapted to our tactics like the rest of the league. So I’ll wait till the Hull City game, which should be a completely opposite test, before I get my hopes up.

Kasper Schmeichel - 6

I suspect I’m being harsh because he’s usually so reliable. He made a number of great saves again, but he also bobbled the ball often. It never cost us, except for one corner conceded, but it could have against a more clinical side.

Danny Simpson - 7

Had to contend with Coutinho consistently cutting in from the left and did so very well. Made a number of well timed tackles in dangerous areas.

Wes Morgan - 7

One of a few players who I’d say looked re-energised at the back. Passing isn’t his job, but 29% completion is laughably bad.

Robert Huth - 7

Like his partner, the big german looked much more assured. He was back to making authoritative clearances and looked like a threat from set pieces again.

Christian Fuchs - 8

Has been one of the most disappointing players in recent weeks, but was back at his best. Made tackle after tackle and was never afraid to do so in the box. His crossing, which had disappeared all year, was superb.

We were fired up from minute one and we wanted to show everybody what we were made of. Everybody was working hard for the team. I’m very proud of the team and thanks to the fans for their support.

Riyad Mahrez - 6

When Hull City drop deep and play the opposite to Liverpool’s performance, the Foxes will need some like Mahrez to create chances. He’ll have to be better than this. He never seemed to get going.

Danny Drinkwater - 8

More like the Drinky of old. He covered a lot of ground defensively, worked hard and ran the game well. His goal was fantastically taken, even if it’s only our 3rd best against Liverpool since promotion.

Wilfred Ndidi - 9

11 tackles is a ludicrous number, but he also covered all kinds of ground, won 7 aerials and broke up play all over the park. I’m done playing down my expectations: I think he might be our best player. At 20.

Marc Albrighton - 8

The winger’s improvement was a strange one. It had nothing to do with increased effort like some have suggested, he was just executing technically in a way he’s struggled to all year. I can’t see how a manager affects that.

Shinji Okazaki - 7

Another big improvement from recent form. Dropped off somewhat in the second half, but early on he was consistently involved, breaking up play, linking up well with his teammates and even popped up in the 6 yard box, only to be denied by a great save.

Jamie Vardy - 9

He had more space and his service was much better than it had been. The big change looked like confidence, however. Maybe it was Shakespeare, maybe it was the goal in Sevilla, but he looked calm and assured on the break for the first goal. Like last year.

Daniel Amartey - 7

I’m not sure the guy ever knows where he’s going to be asked to play next, but he adapts well and put in a good defensive performance.

Demarai Gray - 6

Didn’t have much time to make an impact. Made one great break but got the ball stuck under his feet.

Ben Chilwell - n/a

Came on in injury time, made one touch.

All in all, it was a fantastic performance, especially compared to what we’ve seen recently. I’m not ready to say we’ll be ok until I’ve seen how we turn up against Hull though. My Man of the Match is Wilfred Ndidi, long may he reign. Please form an orderly queue below to tell me it should be Vardy.