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Premier League Player Ratings: Leicester City 0-3 Manchester United

Prepare to panic in 3...2...1...

Leicester City v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Alright, this is getting completely out of hand. Sure, the team is lacking confidence, but what on earth is going. We were never exactly on top, but for 40 minutes, Leicester City looked like they could compete with Manchester United. One break away goal and suddenly it was all over, a walk over victory for the Red Devils.

I try not to be too doom and gloom. Frankly, I still think this team will stay up, I really do. But I’m looking for positives to take from this game and I’m coming up completely empty.

Kasper Schmeichel - 6

Made a couple of fantastic saves to keep us in the game until, well, we suddenly weren't. That wasn’t his fault, but he didn’t stop it either.

You can always go 1-0 down in the game but you can’t let that happen – you can’t go 2-0 down straight after. It’s not good enough and it sums our season up at the moment - Kasper probably feels a but let down right now. Would be hard to blame him

Danny Simpson - 5

I’ve seen plenty of worse performances. Not that he did anything particularly good, he just wasn’t as drastically at fault for the goals as some of the others.

Wes Morgan - 4

The team are on a bad run and confidence is low, then conceded a break away goal. That’s no excuse to just give up, but that’s the only explanation for that second goal. No one, except Zlatan, had any interest in that ball.

Robert Huth - 3

Sorry Bob, but it’s true. That was bad. Equally uninterested in the second goal, but that first? What even was that? Mkhitaryan is good, but Huth looked like he was trying to get out of his way.

Christian Fuchs - 4

Overrun all day, I can’t remember an attack down our left that was dealt with comfortably, including two that led to goals.

Riyad Mahrez - 6

For a few minutes early on, before United got their act together, I thought we had a chance. If we ever did, that was through the Algerian, who still isn’t at his best, but at least looks dangerous again.

Danny Drinkwater - 5

Work rate, defending and passing were all below par. And let’s try not to think about his shooting. If we’re going to get out of this, we could do with Danny dragging us there, but it won't happen like this.

Wilfred Ndidi - 6

Basically the only positive of 2017 for the Foxes. His defensive work remains good, everything else is a work in progress.

Ahmed Musa - 5

Had one bright moment in the box, where he nearly took the ball past his man. That was it. One ‘nearly’.

Shinji Okazaki - 4

I love Shinji, I do, but he’s really adding nothing to the team right now.

Andy King - 2

I’m not sure if he was meant to take on Shinji’s role or solidify the team defensively, but he did neither. 12 touches in 45 minutes, just one in the final third, is bad. No tackles, interceptions, clearances or any defensive contribution of note is even worse.

Demarai Gray - 6

Again, he came on as a substitute and looked better than he had starting. He puts defenders on the back foot, which is nice to see, but there was no end product.

I’d rather not dwell on this one. Joint Man of the Match honours go to Zieler, Benalouane, Chilwell and Kapustka because, hey, it wasn't their fault.