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How will Leicester fare against Sevilla in the Round of 16 second leg?

The Fosse Posse staff weighs in on how they think Leicester will do in the second leg at the King Power Stadium.

Sevilla FC v Leicester City - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Biggest match in club history? Biggest match in club history.

Leicester City Football Club is set to embark on the daunting-ish task of taking down La Liga overachievers Sevilla in the Round of 16 tomorrow as they host the second leg down but two goals to one.

Not the worst situation the Foxes could find themselves in, particularly considering their form from the last few months. With the match fast approaching, the Fosse Posse crew took to the chat room to analyze how we think things may go at the King Power Stadium on Tuesday night...

Cassandra Dubiel: We're not gonna lose 8-0 with a world class manager like Shakey in charge. Maybe we'll win? Maybe?

Leicester City Training and Press Conference
Look how ready he is for this one!
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Jack Lee: I'm starting to feel it, not gonna lie. We lost 2-1, away, at possibly our lowest point. This is no longer our lowest point. If they get over confident and expect that same Leicester to show up. Maybe.

Cassandra: Hopefully.

Shane Evans: This could be the long-talked about group discussion!

Michael Franca: I honestly think we can do it but that might be irrational confidence.

Jack: I feel the same way. Then we draw Benfica and we’re basically there.

Shane: Who will need to have a standout performance to help us through? Mahrez? Kasper again, obviously?

Michael: Kapser 100%.

Cassandra: Danny Simpson

Shane: Danny Simpson…good call. We got slaughtered on the wings in the first leg.

Michael: I think we're gonna need a clean sheet and Sevilla are good enough that they're gonna get shots on target.

Cassandra: Exactly. Defense overall would be a nice touch.

Jack: Relying on a mahrez performance is a no go right now. The defence, yeah, they have to keep a clean sheet.

Cassandra: But we were dire on the wings in the first leg, and Simpson kept forgetting how to mark in the second half versus Hull, so World Class Simpson performance would be nice. Mahrez looked better vs Hull, plus he was tracking back for the first time in forever.

Shane: I think Mahrez has himself a game, to be honest. He’s been due for one and this is as big a stage as he’s going to get the rest of this year.

Leicester City Training and Press Conference
Riyad is also very ready for this match.
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Jack: His last chance to put himself in the shop window.

Shane: What’s your gut telling you about the match right now?

Jack: I wish it wasn't, but honestly it's telling me the 1-0 we need really could happen.

Michael: My gut is very very confused. I really feel like we can win I just don't know how because a clean sheet against Sevilla sounds unrealistic.

Cassandra: I think we'll put up a good fight, but it'll end a 1-1 or 2-2 draw. Respectable, but not enough to go through.

Shane: Forever the optimist, Cassandra!

Jack: I’d still have taken that two weeks ago.

Michael: If I had to give a prediction I'd say 1-1, too.

Cassandra: Well hey, at least we're not Arsenal.