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Leicester City advance to Champions League quarter final


Leicester City v Sevilla FC - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

I don’t like to say I told you so, but that’s a complete lie, I love it and I told you so. Twice actually. Leicester City are in the quarter finals of the Champions League.

No, really. They beat Sevilla, with an absolutely fantastic performance by the way, and they will move onto the next round. Which is the quarter finals. The last 8. In all of Europe.

Leicester City.

Every single player out there put in an incredible shift and absolutely deserves the praise we’re about to heap onto them. They’re through and it’s completely on merit as they were as much the better team today as Sevilla were in the first leg, but they made it count.

They looked almost exactly like last season’s fantastic side. No, not the one holding out for close wins in the nail biting run-in, but the high intensity, fast pressing team that blew other teams away in late 2015.

There will come a time to break the game down more and give the full recap. To look at facts and figures and attach number ratings to individuals. For now, I just want to appreciate how fantastic this all is. How wonderful it can be to be a fan of Leicester City.

The draw will be held on Friday. Leicester City will be paired with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, Man City, Monaco, Atletico Madrid or Bayer Leverkusen. And then they’ll play them for a place in the semi final.

Come on you Foxes.