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Social Timeline: Leicester through to the Champions League quarterfinals

Leicester City stun the world once again.

Leicester City v Sevilla FC - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

I have previously suggested that Leicester City has become accustomed to making no sense, and the 2-0 (3-2 on aggregate) defeat of Sevilla solidifies this notion. From promotion to the great escape, relegation favorites to Premier League champions, and now domestic strugglers to Champions League quarterfinalists, the Foxes seem to defy expectations at every opportunity.

For supporters and neutrals alike, this inconsistency and defiance of logic has been mostly exhilarating. Leicester captured the world’s (and Gigi Buffon’s) attention once again yesterday, provoking expressions of shock and disbelief across social media, the best of which we’ll take a look at here:

We’ll start with one of our own. The Fosse Posse community wasn’t overly confident heading into this game, and with reason. But in retrospect, the fans should have swaggered into that poll and smashed the “Great!” button.

This is another jarring reminder of just how unbelievable Leicester City’s journey has been. Although, the Foxes also won that one thanks in part to a Riyad Mahrez cross that Wes Morgan finished.

Sure, arrogant fan, seek attention by risking money. That never backfires.

Just knock it in any way you can, Wes. Intentional or not, a goal off the thigh takes some ingenuity.

Captain Morgan, please pay Captain Wes Morgan his money.

This is how we all felt watching that match unfold.

I’ve said it before, the universe is broken and it is Leicester’s fault. There is no other explanation for stats like these.

Hey, Bearded Genius, I’d take that trade. It’s also the only way Leicester’s story could be more unbelievable than it already is.

I don’t know about less emotional. The scene showing Claudio’s dismissal should be a real tear-jerker.

Jamie Vardy is a beautiful psychopath.

Very much so, Champions League.

So close you can almost smell it.

Hey, I recognize that guy! Seriously though, seeing N’Golo Kanté back at the King Power cheering on his former teammates was heartwarming. And the smile on his face was Shinji-esque. A special talent, indeed.

He even stuck around to meet his successor, Tall Kanté.

Could not have said it any better. A beautiful sentiment that captures the feeling of Foxes fans over the stretch of this shocking run.

What an incredible group of teams to join. Leicester City Football Club, Champions of England, and now, Champions League quarterfinalists. Remarkable.

A wise old Italian man once implored Leicester to “keep dreaming.” The dream is alive and well.