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Social Media Timeline: LCFC thumps Liverpool

Leicester responds to a tumultuous week with a dominant display against Liverpool.

Leicester City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

How did that happen?

Sure, responding to the loss of a manager with a little uptick in form isn’t unique to Leicester. But that was not just a little uptick. That was a relentless assault in the form of a 3-1 win over Liverpool.

This is a team that had not yet scored a league goal in 2017 and often looked incapable of producing any real threat on offense. Monday, however, was a barrage. Every outfield player ran harder than we’ve seen all season and the result was fitting.

It was the perfect response to a sad event for Leicester City. Bringing back the feeling of last season was just about the only thing that could heal an ailing fanbase, and thats exactly what the 3-1 smashing did.

Just how healed is the fanbase? Twitter should have the answers to that...

I knew there was something different about our team!

Indeed we have seen it. This can lead us to only one logical conclusion. Vardy > Gerrard.

Way too soon Gary.

Ah, good times. This has probably been said a couple of times this season, but that really did feel like the Leicester of last season. In retrospect, it feels even more familiar than the previous 2016-17 outlier against Manchester City did.

I will now provide video evidence that Danny Drinkwater is a warlock. Time was undoubtedly frozen as he viciously smacked that volley.

Got to love Liverpool fans.

*Warning* The following tweet may cause severe “allergies” and even the potential bout of “I’m not crying YOU’RE crying!”

Sigh. This is the incredibly confusing reality we live in.

Sadly those quotes never came. But the club still has time to bring Claudio to a home game and make things right. Or make everybody cry. Either one, really.

At this exact moment everybody in the world wept. All 7 billion people. You cannot convince me otherwise.

I think we broke the universe last season because clearly there is no order left in it.

Somebody please get to work on trademarking the name Tall Kanté for me. Or Baby Cambiasso. The point is, somehow another superstar has found his way to Leicester.

Oh yea, this happened too.

That wasn’t so bad was it? Twitter was surprisingly pleasant. Oh wait. Search “Leicester snakes” you say?