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Social Media Timeline: Leicester still alive after 1-0 UCL loss

A narrow loss to last year’s Champions League runners-up isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Club Atletico de Madrid v Leicester City - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: First Leg Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

These social media recaps are usually reserved for victories or similarly positive stories in Leicester's narrative, but the Champions League quarter-final is too important to ignore. And besides, there were plenty of positives to take from the 1-0 loss to Atlético Madrid, too.

The glorious funhouse that is Twitter had some of the best reactions to this week’s news across Leicester land. Let’s take a look:

The nicest man in sports has spoken. Claudio was as gracious as ever in his refusal to blame his players for his dismissal. He also thanked Leicester fans again, sparking worldwide melancholy.

Christian Fuchs continues to provide us with some genuine introspection. His Players’ Tribune articles - written in English, not his native German - prove that he is a thoughtful man and a gifted writer. Thus, I would like to extend an open warning to Mr. Fuchs: please don’t take my job.

“Then vs. now” tweets will never get old when it comes to this team.

We’re the real Bart, though.

#WengerOut knows no boundaries.

Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t. Even when the numbers are votes by men and women.

Here we have Leicester being compared favorably to Barcelona. Nothing special, keep it moving.

Don’t they know? Nobody is above getting

the chant.

Tell ‘em Kasper. Although “tough to take” may be a massive understatement.

Caution, this may burn the eyes of Leicester supporters.

Break out the tin-foil hats. Outlandish conspiracy theories are the best kind of fun.

It truly is remarkable. Little Leicester continue to defy... wait. We’ve said this before. Several times, actually.

The anticipation is too much to bear. The second leg at the King Power is sure to be something special.

Calling on Captain Wes Morgan and all Leicester supporters. Please find your nearest enchantress and request that he be healed by game time next week. Thank you, that is all.