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Social Media Timeline: Leicester simply cannot lose

Four days, two games, six points.

Leicester City v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

“When life gets you down you know what you gotta do? Just keep winning, just keep winning, just keep winning, winning, winning.”

Those are (kind of) the words spoken by a blue fish with short-term memory loss. Yes, I’m talking about notorious Leicester City fan Dory of “Finding Nemo” who has no doubt served as inspiration for the Foxes.

Who else could have motivated the Foxes to just keep winning after life had dropped them all the way down to 17th in the table?

Anyway, another week of positivity and wins is welcomed by Leicester City fans after this confusing season. Let’s see if all the winning has made others as delirious as it’s made me:

There is no better way to start. To steal a joke from my fellow Fosse Posse writer Jack Lee, Ndidi’s nickname shall now be “two Kanté’s hiding a rocket launcher under a trench coat.”

Mr. Lineker managed to find a fresh take on the Ndidi/indeed pun. No wonder he’s Leicester’s favorite son.

The Wilfred Ndidi hype train has gone off the rails. There appear to be no limits on his superstar potential and the world is taking notice.

This news nugget is almost too perfect. Jamie Vardy as an Ibiza party rep is the perfect match. Still, Leicester City supporters will rejoice safe in the knowledge that he chose football over his true calling.

All jokes aside, this is a truly moving story that should be read by all Foxes fans.

Glad you got to see a win, Travis!

Now back to jokes. At this point fans should be aware that nobody is safe from our new favorite chant. Not even this year’s likely champions Chelsea are above getting this chanted at them.

*Kanye West voice* “Yo, Vardy, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Marc Albrighton had one of the best work rates of all time!”

Jamie Vardy is back and we’re good again. Shakey is an evil genius.

We make no sense. Chaos over order I suppose.

Another famous Leicester lad defending his people. And he has a point.

Ah, memories. What a ridiculous three years it’s been.

Like I said, what a ridiculous three years it’s been. Leicester City, the greatest story in sports.

“Just keep winning, winning, winning....”