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Three years ago today Leicester City was promoted to the Premier League

...and the rest is history. Some terrifying, wonderful brilliant, beautiful history.

Bolton Wanderers v Leicester City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

My heart is so full this day.

Three years ago our beloved Leicester City Football Club FINALLY won promotion back to the Premier League after a 10-year absence filled with pain, disappointment and utter despair.

Oh the memories. That day was a day that I thought couldn’t realistically be topped. Sure, we’d maybe make a cup run with an improved team or knock off one of the big clubs (we did early that first season back, if you remember )...but a return to the Premier League was enough.

Little did we know that the rollercoaster ride we were about to take part in would shake the very foundation of organized sports forever. Ok, slight hyperbole but it goes without saying that the last three seasons have been anything but boring.

The Great Escape™ year was as crazy a season as you can have. Remember how exciting it was when the club signed Esteban Cambiasso? His goal against Manchester United? All the stress and turmoil and Nigel Pearson just being a real miserable so and so? But he kept us up and allowed for the next year to happen.

Leicester City v Manchester United - Premier League
So many warm and fuzzies looking at this picture.
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Winning the Premier League. Leicester City. Nearly a year later, still hasn’t properly sunk in. But it happened alright. A near perfect season with a full-on perfect ending saw little old Leicester beat out the big guns for the Premier League crown. 5000-1 doesn’t even really do it justice. Can’t wait for the movie.

And then this year. Bit of both, right? All the lows from 2014/15 and amazing some of the dizzying highs from 2015/16. Awful in the league for most of the season, a controversial change at manager (we will ALWAYS love you Claudio) resulted in a ridiculous change of fortune. Now up in 10th in the table, Leicester is the lone remaining English club in the Champions League and is preparing for a quarterfinal matchup with Atlético Madrid.

Doesn’t sound much like real life, does it?

Coincidentally, as we’re on the topic of anniversaries, The Fosse Posse, this wonderful website run by a group of fantastic people, celebrated it’s one-year of life this past week. It’s been a joy and a pleasure to bring Leicester City to the masses. Thank you for reading and hopefully more of the same is in store for the next three seasons.

I realize how crazy that sounds.