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Premier League Player Ratings: Leicester City 2-0 Sunderland

Subs to the rescue

Leicester City v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

With another fairly comfortable win, this time over the doomed looking Sunderland, this Leicester City team have shown us that they are still capable of winning more than one way. Throughout Shakespeare’s managerial reign so far the Foxes have had no problem scoring, regularly getting ahead early. This was the first time he had to make changes and find a new way to score, and it would have to be said he did a great job.

There have been fewer more frustrating things to see this year than Marc Albrighton, supplier of cross after cross, coming off just as Islam Slimani, the team’s best target, came on. Playing them together could hardly be described as a stroke of genius, but it certainly worked out.

Kasper Schmeichel - 7

Didn’t have much to do again. His distribution was good again, starting the attack that lead to the eventual breakthrough.

Danny Simpson - 7

Also rarely tested, but came through when he was, including another great back post clearance.

He’s been immaculate again defensively - BBC Radio Leicester’s Matt Elliott was full of praise for his Man of the Match

Yohan Benalouane - 7

This guy is completely fine. Maybe he’s really improved lately, maybe he should have been trusted all along, I’m not sure, but I know he’s not a liability back there.

Robert Huth - 7

Some of our first half struggles were down to getting on the wrong side of the referee, with Huth being particularly penalised. He made up for it by clearing seemingly every set piece that came into the box.

Christian Fuchs - 7

Mostly untested defensively. Got involved at the other end with a few crosses, but nothing spectacular.

Riyad Mahrez - 6

He was a little wasteful on the ball and didn't show much urgency. It’s good to see him getting involved defensively, but maybe don’t try to pass it out of your own box so much.

Danny Drinkwater - 7

Quietly ran the game. Not a flashy performance, but his 96 touches were more than any Fox has seen for a long time.

The three points at the end of it is the only thing that matters. It was possibly a frustrating first half but, in the second half, we were patient and we dominated enough to get the three points in the end

Wilfred Ndidi - 6

Not his best performance, but not bad. His defensive effort wasn’t really required and passing was competent but never creative. I like that he shoots because the fans told him to.

Demarai Gray - 7

Bring ball down the left, attack defender, cut inside, shoot just wide of the far post. repeat. If he can crack those few inches inside the post, he’d be a world beater.

Shinji Okazaki - 5

I love the way he goes about the game, and he can really knit a good team together, but when the others aren't at it, he’ll ever be the one to pick a defence apart and create goals.

Jamie Vardy - 8

Confidence is a weird thing. The team created him one clear cut chance and he took it with gusto.

He didn't fancy Stoke at the weekend! Lazarus turned up next day full fit to train - Jamie was in a good mood as he explained Albrighton’s weekend absence

Marc Albrighton - 9

Talk about a game changer. Not sure I’ve ever given such a high grade for 29 minutes before but his impact was fantastic. The first assist showed off his technical prowess, the second was all about his incredible work rate.

Islam Slimani - 8

Reminded us that bringing something different to the table can be a good thing. When he’s used properly he’s a real goal scoring threat.

Andy King - 7

Hasn’t played in a while but he’s always ready. Completed every pass, got in a shot on goal and, most importantly, is still Andy King.

No, it wasn't their best performance. In fact, it might’ve been their worst since Shakespeare took over. Considering it still ended up a 2-0 win, I’ll take that as good news. Marc Albrighton is the Man of the Match. Anyone who says otherwise is a hater.