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Social Media Recap: A special anniversary for Leicester City Football Club

It’s been one year since Leicester officially broke the universe and we’re still celebrating.

Leicester City v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Three hundred and sixty-five days later, Leicester's magnum opus still sounds like fiction. Relegation favorites. 5000-1 odds. Champions.

It still doesn’t add up!

But alas, it happened and we still love it. The party hasn’t stopped in Leicester either, as evidenced by the indiscriminate and eternal chanting of “Champions of England! You’ll never sing that!”

These celebrations have spilled over into the social media landscape, too, and provided us with some amazing nostalgia:

“Keep dreaming, don’t wake up.” This is the best advice ever given.

Follow the links my friends. I promise it’s worth it.

Every day is Eden Hazard day in my book. The little magician will be an honorary Fox until the day he dies. Or until he does something as bad to us, as what he did to Tottenham. Whichever comes first.

This is a good suggestion. I’d like to motion for UEFA to consider adopting this policy as an anniversary gift to Leicester City.

Look everybody, it’s been exactly one year since the best tweet in the history of Twitter.

It’s also been a year since another important Gary Lineker related event...

A year to the day that this sporting miracle happened.

A post shared by Gary Lineker (@garylineker) on


Jamie Vardy said they shed some tears that night. I’m shedding tears right now while watching this.

Don’t judge me.

You see! I’m not the only one. Word to Sam Smith.

Neither will we, Danny. Thank you for helping to make it a reality.

Frame this and put it in the Louvre. Immediately.

This thread is mandatory reading. Soak in all the nostalgia and feel free to get emotional and enter the comments section.

Happy anniversary fellow Foxes! We’re still the best story in sports.