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Leicester’s new black and gold away strip is a beaut — except for one thing

The kit is super nice but...

You know what the Internet really enjoys? Fresh kits.

Kits so fresh that when you see them for the first time you make that face where your mouth kind of hangs open and you go “ooooooh!” and stare at the screen for a while. Something like this:

Alternately, you are left questioning whether the piece of athletic wear in front of you is really what your team will be donning for the upcoming season. A bit like this:

No, surely not! Those aren’t my team’s new shirts!

Well, luckily, in the case of our beloved Leicester City Football Club, they didn’t screw the pooch on the latest away strip as I must say it is quite the lovely number.

Just feast your eyes upon it, as I’m sure you have already:

Launched as part of Puma’s “Step Out” campaign, Leicester’s not top is a very clean black and gold that is essentially their home shirt with different colors...and I’m not even mad about it.

The football apparel manufacturer released 23 similar kits across its biggest clubs, led of course by Leicester and followed by the likes of Arsenal, PSG and Borussia Dortmund. Don’t click play on the below if you have a history of seizures.

All well and good, right?


Leicester will be wearing these black and gold darlings with a nice bright purple sponsorship patch on the sleeve, something that has left many a City supporter slightly perturbed by the club’s decision.

Have a look-see:

Something of an eye-sore, to say the least. SCB, a Thai bank couldn’t have a more obtrusive logo that clashes directly with the color/style of the kit.

Remains to be seen if the club will be wearing the patch during league matches this season but many a City fan has voiced their displeasure of the purple rectangle and have even gone as far as to vow not to buy it. Rabble rabble rabble!

Thoughts, City fans?


Will you buy the new Leicester away strip?

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  • 14%
    Yes, who cares about the patch!
    (14 votes)
  • 64%
    No, it’s hideous!
    (63 votes)
  • 20%
    It’s too expensive anyways
    (20 votes)
  • 1%
    What is a strip?
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