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We want YOU to write for the Fosse Posse!

We’re looking for new writers to join our fox-tastic team...could it be you?

Everton v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Hey there, Internet.

Shane Evans from The Fosse Posse here. We write things about Leicester City Football Club.

Our little blog is looking for a few more talented folks to join our staff and cover the team that’s had arguably the most insane back-to-back-to-back seasons in the history of the English Premier League or sports as a whole, either one.


Want to try your hand at blogging? An experienced veteran? Like to embed funny tweets and use cute emojis often? Have a penchant for sports-related (or otherwise) masochism? This could be the place for you.

Leicester, as we all know weren’t a flashy name up until a few years ago. Their “Great Escape” campaign was followed by a “Holy sh*t they actually won the title” masterpiece.

This past season, things haven’t been as fun...but the storylines are still there! A mid-table finish with some reinforcements so far this summer and we’re moving in the right direction.

If you have any interest, in whatever capacity (big or small...we’re open to whatever works for you, friend), take a few minutes to fill out this little form right here and we’ll get back to you with some information. Guaranteed you’ll enjoy yourself.

So that’s that. Looking forward to hearing from you and go Foxes, etc, etc!


Shane Evans

Managing Editor, The Fosse Posse