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An end in sight for Leicester’s Iheanacho transfer saga?

Finalised deal could be close

Manchester City v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Captain’s log.

This might be the end. For nearly a month now we’ve been adrift, without even a scrap of news to satisfy the crew’s hunger. They’re growing restless I can tell; demanding Iheanachos that I simply cannot provide. There appears to be no end to our desolation for now. If we don’t bring aboard some hot takes soon I fear that - WAIT! What’s that, on the horizon?!

We’re saved. John Percy has saved us all.

Seriously though, this has to be good news for Leicester City, right? The fee seems to have been agreed a while back, with the actual transfer delayed for legal reasons. The Mercury believe that these issues have not yet been completely cleared, but at this point any news is good news.

Clubs just don’t give medicals to players they don’t intend to sign, and players don’t subject themselves to medicals for no reason. The deal is definitely happening, which I think we all knew, and probably soon, which I was beginning to doubt. Maybe even in time for him to make his debut in preseason against Borussia Monchengladbach, rather than in a league game.

News of an arrival is a pleasant break from the departure rumours, which really seem to have picked up in the last few days.

Speaking of rumoured medicals, tales of Mahrez being on his way to Rome may be a little overstated, and the clubs are not close to an agreement on price, but it does seem like that will be his eventual destination.

Hopefully this deal is agreed in time to guarantee Demarai Gray more playing time, assuming that’s the plan. Bournemouth have appeared as surprise favourites for Gray’s signing today and, unlike all others clubs linked, they actually could offer him the game time he’s asking for.

The Drinkwater rumours are fairly left field, but whisperings of Ahmed Musa’s departure to Fenerbahce are picking up, and would make a lot more sense. Nampalys Mendy’s whereabouts remain unknown.

But hey, we have good news. Iheanacho is a great young player and the deal is creeping closer.