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Predicting Leicester City’s 2017/18 Premier League campaign

One of us is bound to be right eventually

Leicester City v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

This time last year, I was doing an excellent job of predicting the final league table. Don’t bother checking that, just accept that my predictions were probably great, because only an idiot would pick Leicester to finish two places above Liverpool, Sunderland to finish four places above Burnley and Spurs to win it all with Chelsea 5th, right?

To celebrate the start of a new season, I'm dusting off my crystal ball again, but this time I’ve dragged the rest of the Posse in with me. Rather than a league table, we’ll each be guessing predicting a number of outcomes from the coming season, focussing on Leicester City.

Premier League Champions

Jack Lee: Tottenham Hotspur

Shane Evans: Manchester United

Cassandra Dubiel: Manchester City

Michael Franca: Man City, they just have so much fire power

Jake Lawson: Man City (or anyone but Spurs)

Matt Cook: Man City

Russel Horton: Man City

Tony Bradshaw: Man Utd, they recruited well with a manager who knows how to win the league

Relegated Teams

Jack: Watford, Brighton, Huddersfield

Shane: Burnley, Bournemouth, Huddersfield

Cassandra: Burnley, Brighton, Huddersfield

Michael: Burnley, Huddersfield and Swansea (especially if they lose Gylfi)

Jake: Swansea, Huddersfield, Watford

Matt: Swansea, Brighton, Watford

Russel: Huddersfield, Brighton, Swansea

Tony: Huddersfield, Brighton and Burnley

Leicester’s League Finish:

Jack: 8th

Shane: 9th

Cassandra: 8th or 9th

Michael: 8th

Jake: 6th

Matt: 7th

Russel: 8th

Tony: 7th, the top 6 are getting stronger each year

Any Foxes Cup Success?

Jack: Out to West Brom in the 3rd round. Of both.

Shane: No.

Cassandra: I think we've got a lot better depth this season than last and with fewer games so a good cup run is definitely possible

Michael: Depth in midfield and forward positions may help but I don't foresee us winning any cups

Jake: If by success, you mean "minutes for fringe squad and youth players, but exit early enough not to hurt us in the league," then yes.

Matt: League Cup Semis

Russel: Quarter final of FA Cup

Tony: No, league cup is more likely than FA but no one takes it too seriously anymore. With a bit of luck I'd love a FA cup win (finally)

Top scorer:

Jack: Vardy

Shane: Vardy

Cassandra: Vardy

Michael: Vardy (duh)

Jake: Vardy

Matt: Oh a whim, Ahmed Musa

Russel: Vardy

Tony: Iheanacho - should be a good battle with Vardy

Player of the Year:

Jack: Ndidi

Shane: Kasper Schmeichel

Cassandra: Schmeichel

Michael: Wilfred Ndidi. He's still young but he's the complete package

Jake: Ndidi

Matt: Musa

Russel: Sigurdsson. Just kidding, Ndidi

Tony: Demarai Gray - will make us all forget about Mahrez

Breakout player:

Jack: Matty James

Shane: Ben Chilwell

Cassandra: Chilwell, I think he'll cement himself as a starter sooner rather than later

Michael: Demarai Gray. With Riyad on his way out, Gray will be a consistent starter and contributor.

Jake: Matty james

Matt: Musa

Russel: Gray

Tony: Tom Lawrence - showed good promise in Championship last season

Best Summer Signing:

Jack: Harry Maguire

Shane: Iheanacho

Cassandra: Iheanacho

Michael: Kelechi Iheanacho. He'll start alongside Vardy and be a game-changer.

Jake: Harry Maguire

Matt: Maguire

Russel: Maguire

Tony: Harry Maguire looks to fit the bill

Mahrez’s destination:

Jack: Arsenal

Shane: Roma

Cassandra: Not Arsenal

Michael: Roma. They continue to make "final offers" but seem persistent. Eventually the two sides will settle.

Jake: Arsenal

Matt: Stays until next summer

Russel: Roma

Tony: The reserves! No, Roma look like they want to keep chasing and I'd say he'll be there by end of August

Some pretty strong agreement for some of those. Looks like Man City will win everything, Leicester will win nothing and Huddersfield probably shouldn't bother unpacking.

We’re a lot more split on transfer matters (except no one loves Iborra apparently) and whether or not Ndidi or Kasper will save us, but at least we can all agree that Jamie Vardy is going to continue banging them in. Unless you’re Ahmed Musa Matt.