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Social Recap: Leicester’s first win of the season

The home opener provided supporters with plenty to celebrate.

Leicester City v Brighton and Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

After a solid performance but unsatisfying result against Arsenal, a fairly dominant 2-0 victory over Brighton was a pleasant pick-me-up for Leicester City supporters.

And with anything good for Leicester comes the fun of the internet, and better yet, the fun of our very own social media recaps. So with the first win of the season comes the first social recap:

Huthy turned 33! Still, age is just a number, or a state of mind, or something like that. Happy belated to the most terrifying man to ever step on a pitch.

The smile is back! Shinji’s post-goal smiles are the eighth wonder of the world and vastly superior to any goal he could ever score - and we all know the kind of worldie he’s capable of.

Strange, it appears mister “SupremeMartial” made a mistake and accidentally swapped the LCFC and Manchester United logos!

We are now entering an aggressive stretch of Harry Maguire praise. I also feel comfortable saying he’s the greatest athlete the world has ever known. If you disagree you can either comment below or track me down and fight me (preferably the first option please).

If that seemed like too much praise it’s probably because there’s something wrong with you and definitely not me for reposting it all. Harry Maguire is the greatest of all time. The end.