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1982: Nice and three-sy for Lineker and Lynex

This week in Leicester City’s history takes us back 35 years

Steve Lynex goalscoring winger

We here at Fosse Posse love to bring you the latest news and opinions on our great football club, which we all love, Leicester City. But we also like to reminisce and look through blue tinted glasses at how our team have come through the last 133 years.

We’ll delve way back and highlight the likes of Arthur Chandler, Frankie Wortho and others, as well as Cup Finals, landmark achievements and moments that have just filled us with joy (and sometimes despair)!

Saturday 11th September 1982

Leicester City 6 Carlisle United 0

So, when was the last time you saw 2 hat-tricks scored in a game? How about for the same team? Including 3 penalties?

A almost impossible occurrence you'd think but back in 1982, one Gary Lineker and Steve Lynex achieved that feat.

The 1982/83 season would prove to be one Leicester City fans would have fond memories of, as it culminated in a top 3 finish and a return to the top flight.

Gordon Milne was in his first season as City manager after taking over from Jock Wallace, and was building a young attacking side, which included Alan Smith, Lineker and Lynex.

Jim Melrose, the other main striker at the club also played in this match but it would be his last appearance for us as he was sold later that month to Coventry City.

Melrose couldn't break up the trio of attackers, who would score for fun most weeks, including against poor Carlisle United in front of just over 8,000 fans at Filbert Street.

Steve Lynex had been bought from Birmingham the season before and had, on the odd occasion, played as stand in goalkeeper for City, memorably in the FA Cup quarter-final win over Shrewsbury (but that's a story for another day!).

Over 6 seasons, Steve played over 200 games for Leicester City and in the three seasons between August 1982 and May 1985 his attacking partnership with Alan Smith and Gary Lineker produced an outstanding 156 goals.

He was also the main penalty taker for the foxes and despatched 2 against the Cumbrians before completing his hat-trick.

Lineker had also scored 2 in the match, before amazingly, a 3rd penalty was awarded to the rampant foxes.

On, Lynex takes up the story of this remarkable match

“Gary (Lineker) had also got two goals and we were awarded a third penalty. If I’d have taken it, it would have been a record but Gary took it as he wanted his hat-trick too. Gary got the original match ball, not me, but I got another ball later. I don’t know where they got it from!”

City moved up to 9th in Division 2 that day after their 6-0 victory, eventually finishing 3rd ahead of Fulham on the final day of the season.

Lynex continued to shine for City that season and for many more after it, before eventually moving onto his hometown club of West Brom.

He may not be as famous to us as our Gary but on that day he and Lineker shared the glory and the goals, if not the match day ball!

Coming next week, we look back 10 years at an eventful cup tie with the old enemy Nottingham Forest!