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Social Recap: Leicester down Liverpool in Carabao Cup

The Foxes advance to the fourth round of the League Cup.

Leicester City v Liverpool - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Leicester City bounced back from a lackluster draw with the Terriers to dismiss Liverpool from the Carabao Cup.

The Foxes took a little more than a half to get going in the League Cup match, but eventually took control and continued their streak of wins against Liverpool at the King Power. This, of course, meant celebration for Leicester supporters on the streets of... Twitter?

I’m melting. This is just about the only positive to come out of City’s trip to Huddersfield. Baby Kasper Schmeichel vs. baby Tom Ince might be the best video on the internet.

Never before has a tweet so perfectly captured the reaction of an entire fanbase. Poor Andy King may well have been our man of the match against the Terriers and yet we still wanted Iborra.

I, personally, was not there but nonetheless this is still a beautiful photo. The nostalgia it inspires is palpable. Leicester City was once at the top of the English footballing world and that should never be forgotten.

“Boring Milner” strikes again.

It is possible I should feel bad for Liverpool supporters, but these chants are just too good. Apparently Leicester supporters were feeling a bit ruthless that day.

Liverpool fans are not alone on this. This was my exact physical reaction, only there was unbridled joy behind it.

Speaking of unbridled joy...

I think I found my calling. I will spend the rest of my days informing anybody who does not know that Shinji Okazaki has the world’s best smile.

Oh how we miss you, Champions League. Come back to us soon.

Christian Fuchs is Danny Zuko. This is canon now.

Leeds! We didn’t draw a top six side! Or even a Premier League Side! Finally a good draw for the Foxes.


Never ever forget.

Never ever ever forget.