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Leicester Stock Watch: Captain Wes Morgan’s stock plummets

Another couple weeks of promising highs and troubling lows for the Foxes.

Leicester City v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Remember, the stock watch is meant to analyze how the recent games have impacted a number of players’ metaphorical standing within the club. This is not just a measurement of who played well, but how their recent performances compare to those that came before, and to what is expected of them.

Leicester City nearly came away from the last two weeks with six points, only to lose a closely contested game to Everton after falling a man down. This season is quickly shaping up to be one full of “almosts,” but regardless a few bright spots stand out:

Stock Up

Ricardo Pereira: The Portuguese right-sided player entered the Newcastle match coming off the back of a dreadful performance against Bournemouth a couple weeks ago. Instead of playing at right back, however, he made his way back up to the wing where he started the season. He responded with solid performances against Newcastle and Everton, totaling 11 tackles. This defensive output exceeds what he was contributing when he was actually playing as a defender. Of course, there was also the stellar solo goal that energized City against Everton. Whether he retains his position on the wing or shifts back to defense he should be expected to continue as a key member of the XI.

Leicester City v Everton FC - Premier League
Ricardo showing that he belongs on the field, regardless of position.
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Harry Maguire: Dominance is what is expected of Slabhead these days. Thus, finding himself on this list is often unlikely. He came off a busy summer and started the season decently, but his game against Newcastle was the type of overwhelming mastery that we saw in the World Cup and expected with the club. It was a match-winning performance on both ends for the English center back. He followed it up with another good performance against Everton, though not quite as impressive as the one prior.

Çağlar Söyüncü: The 22-year-old Turkish defender has yet to play a minute for the senior team, reportedly because he is still learning the English language, but his stock is rising nonetheless. This, of course, is a result of outside factors. His competitors for a spot next to Harry Maguire have been mostly unimpressive, which opens up opportunity for him. Wes Morgan will miss two games through a second red card suspension, and Jonny Evans hasn’t made the most of his opportunities in the position. If Söyüncü’s English is close to good enough he should be given a chance.

Harvey Barnes: The young academy product has had a spectacular start to the year on loan with West Bromwich Albion. So much so that it was recently reported that he will be recalled from loan in January.

He said he expects to remain with West Brom for the rest of the season, but whether or not he will remains to be seen. Regardless, his form at the club has been spectacular and was rewarded with an England call-up. Perhaps it will soon be rewarded with first team minutes for the Foxes rather than the Baggies.

Stock Down

Wes Morgan: His stock was already dropping, but it may be plummeting now. We’ve said before that his lack of speed was a glaring weakness that opponents would take advantage of and unfortunately that has come to fruition. His performance against Everton was evidence of this and possibly cost City all three points. He picked up a second yellow for the second time in three Premier League games and was generally unable to keep up with Richarlison. Morgan should always be remembered as the legend who captained the most unlikely heroes of all time, but that time has passed and so should his time as a starter. It would be difficult to see him regaining his position in the XI after this.

Kelechi Iheanacho: It has been a rollercoaster of a season for the 22-year-old forward. He’s the only player to find himself in the stock watch report every time we’ve published one thanks to his vast fluctuations in form. He fought his way back into the XI a few weeks ago and did so with some impressive displays of skill. The last two weeks, however, he has struggled to make his mark in either of the games. Perhaps his only contribution of note was an uncomplicated (still solid) assist to Ricardo, who did most of the work.