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Leicester City’s plans to build new £100 training ground approved

City to build  “Europe’s best training ground”

Leicester City Training and Press Conference Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Leicester City’s plans to build a world-class training centre took a leap forward this evening when the Charnwood Borough council approved the plans by a vote of 8 to 4.

With this hurdle cleared, City will be able to move forward with the plans to turn the former golf course into what some have described as, “Europe’s best training ground.”

Leicester City - Training & Press Conference
Lemme upgrade ya.
Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

The centerpiece of the 185 acre development is the indoor training pitch, which will seat up to 500 spectators. In addition, there will be 13 other pitches, a 9-hole golf course, and sleeping facilities for club officials.

If I may break my oh-so-professional facade here, it really does look quite spectacular. Take a look at some of the artist’s concept images here.

This vote was seen as a potential banana peel to the project, as the council fielded more than 170 objections to the project. The most common concern was the potential for disturbing amounts of noise, while other locals warned of problems with traffic and light pollution.