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Social Recap: Foxes rout West Brom

An easy matchup provided a change of fortune for Leicester City.

West Bromwich Albion v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Leicester City beat West Bromwich Albion 4-1 and looked good doing so. They were led by the magic of Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy who produced a highlight that had the internet abuzz:

The lowly Baggies took the lead early and Foxes fans reacted accordingly.

Then came the “breathtaking” finish that had everyone talking. Who else but Leicester’s two main men to produce a moment like this.

Funny you say that, James. Speaking from experience I can tell you that it takes approximately 72 hours of watching this particular goal on loop for your eyes to stop working.

The man really does love ruining every Baggies fan’s day.

It should be worn as a badge of honor. In all honesty, the celebration may have been better than the goal and that is saying a lot.

Beating out Sergio Ramos for “top 5 rustlers in football” is possibly the highest honor Jamie Vardy could have received.

Highkey*. Fixed it for you, Sam.

Jamie Vardy is an assassin and he deserves more love. Thankfully us Foxes fans are in the know.

Let’s not forget about Leicester’s favorite blondie, either. Look at the big beautiful smile on that man’s face. A magical sight.

True love. Quick, somebody convince Mahrez that Manchester City doesn’t want him anymore.


Counterpoint: yes. I like to pretend Esteban Cambiasso would be proud.

Vicente “the coolest man alive” Iborra.

No, it was not a drill and you were not dreaming. This really happened. Marc Albrighton delivered a corner directly to the head of a teammate, rather than the feet of an opponent as had become custom.

May the taunts never die. Leicester fans undefeated. Never lost.

Look at all the smiles! Everyone is happy! Nobody will ever leave! EVER!

Leicester City > Manchester United. This is canon.

Underrated at every turn but forever fearless.