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No Fuchs Given: Worldie Challenge

Christian Fuchs takes on Aaron West in an attempt to recreate Fuchs’ worldie against Crystal Palace 2016

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leicester City - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Christian Fuchs took on Aaron West of COPA90 US in a skills competition, culminating in an effort to recreate Fuchs’ fantastic goal in 2016. They had three separate challenges: Olimpico, Volley, and the Recreation, with the winner getting to kick a ball as hard as they want at the other’s backside.

Olimpico Challenge

The Olimpico is done by placing the ball at the corner of the six yard box and end line and completed by curling the ball into the net from the tight angle. The scoring broke down like this: 5 points for scoring with the ball still in the air, 3 points for scoring with one bounce, and 1 point for just managing to score.

Christian Fuchs finished the round with 8 points from 5 shots. Scoring only two along the way. Aaron West missed all 5 of his shots but came very close on a couple of occasions. Round 1 to Fuchs.

Volley Challenge

A simple volley challenge with the ball coming over their back and trying to knock it into the back of the net. The scoring was as follows: 5 points for upper corner, 3 points for lower corner, and 1 point for just putting it in goal. The other player also plays keeper while the other shoots.

Aaron West went first, scoring once from 5 shots and earning 3 points. Christian Fuchs only scored 1 point from 5 shots. Neither made a save. Before getting to the next challenge, a coach from a local team had a go at them for their wild shots almost taking out some local kids.

Worldie Challenge

Last but not least, the challenge to recreate Christian’s goal against Crystal Palace in 2016. You got 5 points for putting it side-netting, 3 points for top or lower corners, and 1 point for scoring anywhere else.

Leicester City v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Christian Fuchs went first and only got 1 point from 5 shots. Aaron West scored 3 points from 5 shots, scoring only once in the lower corner.

With that result, Christian Fuchs is the winner with the final score being 10-6. Fuchs did let West of the hook with a kick up that close that just grazed him. Now get out there and buy some No Fuchs Given gear!