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Reviewing our preseason predictions

In which we’re all very wrong

Leicester City v Brighton and Hove Albion Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Way back in August, the Fosse Posse had a go at predicting how the 2017/18 Premier League season would unfold. Looking back, the results are...well, I think it definitely proves without a doubt that none of us are genuinely prescient or involved in any large scale match fixing scandal.

Premier League Champions

Manchester City (5) - Cassandra, Michael, Jake, Matt, Russ

Manchester Utd (2) - Shane, Tony

Tottenham Hotspur (1) - Jack

In hindsight, this one was a lay-up. It also was at the time. Spurs? I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s genuinely the second year in a row I’ve done this. Why? -1 point for me.

Relegated Teams

Swansea (4) - Michael, Jake, Matt, Russ

Stoke City - no one

West Brom - no one

7th place Burnley (4) - Shane, Cassandra, Michael, Tony

I’ve spared the full list because we were truly awful at this. As many of us managed one correct answer as predicted Europa League qualifiers Burnley for the drop. The other popular picks were Huddersfield (16th), Brighton (15th), Watford (14th) and Bournemouth (12th). Points for no one.

Leicester’s League Finish:

6th (1) - Jake

7th (2) - Matt, Tony

8th (3.5) - Jack, Cassandra, Michael, Russ

9th (1.5) - Shane, Cassandra

No one was too far off here. Shane was the only one negative enough to predict 9th outright, presumably because he secretly hates Leicester. I can’t reward that.

Any Foxes Cup Success?

Hard to judge this one given the variety of replies (and also several people didn't give definitive answers). Russ did nail the FA cup quarter final though, and Matt was an extra time away from his league cup semi. Can’t punish optimism. Points for both.

Top Scorer

Vardy (6) - Jack, Shane, Cassandra, Michael, Jake, Russ

Iheanacho (1) - Tony

Musa (1) - Matt

Appreciate Tony’s attempt at creativity, but -1 for missing on Vardy.

Matt’s just got on the board, but this prediction earns him -2 points and should probably be a sackable offence.

Player of the Season

Ndidi (4) - Jack, Michael, Jake, Russ

Schmeichel (2) - Shane, Cassandra

Gray (1) - Tony

Musa (1) - Matt

Maguire - no one

A big miss, but Maguire wasn't even expected to start the season until Huth got hurt, remember. I’ll give Tony a pass because we all thought Mahrez would be gone (more on that later).

Matt, if you're reading this, you’re fired. Please clear your imaginary desk.

Breakout Player

Chilwell (2) - Shane, Cassandra

James (2) - Jack, Jake

Gray (2) - Michael, Russ

Lawrence - Tony

Musa - Matt

Again, Gray’s chances were hurt by Mahrez and in fairness to me and Jake, Matty James did break a lot, just not out. Chilwell has become a target for frustrated fans, but he’s forced his way into the first choice 11, so points for Shane and Cassandra.

Tom Lawrence plays for Derby County - that’s nearly as bad as Musa. -2 points.

Best Signing

Maguire (5) - Jack, Jake, Matt, Russ, Tony

Iheanacho (3) - Shane, Cassandra, Michael

This one we got right. It wasn’t the most difficult, but since Maguire was player of the year, I’ve got to give a point for that.

Mahrez’s Destination:

Roma (4) - Shane, Michael, Russ, Tony

Arsenal (3) - Jack, Cassandra, Jake

Leicester City (1) - Matt

Roma at least made a bid. Arsenal didn't even get close in either window; -1 point.

Riyad staying through both windows was a very long shot. Matt just won a point and his job back.

Final Tally

2 - Russel Horton, congrats for being the least bad

1 - Shane, impressive work just out of the spotlight. That’s why he’s the boss.

0 - Cassandra, Michael, Jake. A special shout out to Michael, who never right or wrong enough to gain or lose any points at all.

-1 - Jack. More than I deserve.

-2 - Tony, Matt. A roller coaster of predictions leaves Matt somehow only holding half of the wooden spoon, thanks to Tony’s attempts to create interesting content rather than picking the obvious answers. That’ll teach him.