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F-F-F-FASHION: A fantastic examination of all the latest Fox-clad threads

How to turn heads in Leicester’s clothing lines.

Notts County v Leicester City - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Nobody said it better than David Bowie: “Ooh, Fashion!”

Leicester decided to change their kit provider to ADIDAS, ending a seven year stint with Puma, over the summer and now we get new kits! YAY!

Leicester City v Valencia - Pre-Season Friendly
Well, not too yay.
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

They all look a bit plain to me. Even as the excitement built for the reveal of the third on the morning of August 1st, I was not impressed. I will admit though, after watching the game that day, a 1-1 draw with Valencia, the white kit grew on me. That impression quickly faded when an image made the rounds on twitter. I’m all for an authentic kit straight from the club shop, but come on.

If you’re like me and not too keen on the new kits, then let me take you on a tour of what else the club has to offer on the display mannequins.

For a cool £44.99 you can get this fly zip-up jacket. It comes in three different colors, white, black, and blue. But for the purists out there wanting to stick to the tried and true colors of the Foxes, blue is the way to go.

While it’s not the most chic jacket around, it is in comparison to the other wares in store for the lady Foxes. If it was in my size, I’d wear it. Looks the perfect combination of warmth and comfort.

Currently accepting all donations for a Filbert back pack. It’s a STEAL at twenty pounds and can hold any assortment of knick-knacks.

Arguably the best shirt available in the store AND it comes with a gift box. I have no clue what that includes, but who’s ever said no to a gift box?

Something out of the blue, oi oi, but I quite like this retro jacket. Fun side fact, 1984/1985 Hellas Verona won the Serie A in a fashion quite similar to Leicester City.

For that slick post-match interview style, look no further than the south of £100 Fox & Crop blue blazer. If you haven’t purchased any Fox & Crop, I highly recommend their products. I’ve had one of their polo’s and it’s hardly faded after three years.

Finally, for the end of day wind down, the smoking jacket. This 100% polyester super-soft bathrobe is perfect for lounging, or so the club’s web shop says.

Whether you’re a Tony Pulis-esque club shop hoardinaire, or the occasional shopper who waits for last year’s kit on sale, there’s plenty to choose from to wear around town and support your club.