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Jamie Vardy signs new four-year deal; there is good in the world

It’s not all bad! Seriously!

West Bromwich Albion v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

On Thursday, deadline day, your Leicester City Football Club announced a four-year contract extension for forward Jamie Vardy.

The news capped a thoroughly successful transfer window that accomplished every single one of its goals and acted as a collective “hell yeah” for the club’s supporters. Vardy belongs in Leicester and the world gonna know it.

Vardy, now 31, has been integral in the club’s, well, everything in the last six years and could not be more deserving of a salary bump and some additional job security. Scoring goals regularly throughout his time with the club, the prolific forward has grown up in Leicester and broke onto the world stage at Leicester and now has a chance to retire in Leicester.

While Riyad Mahrez saw this summer as the chance to take the next step in his career (and rightly so, in my opinion), Vardy saw the next step as one that would help to further cement his place in Leicester’s heart and it’s record books.

This is the right decision for everyone involved. The buzz around Vardy potentially departing this summer never really took off and it seemed ever-likely that he’d be back in the Midlands after a busy summer at the World Cup with England. It came to pass and all parties will benefit.

For Leicester, it keeps one of the league’s most potent and big-game scorers, the fans are chuffed to bits and closes out it’s excellent transfer window (see below) ahead of the opener against Manchester United.

And now Vardy. He’ll continue to be the main focus of the attack and with Mahrez gone will play an even bigger part. He will continue to build his legacy at the club and throw his weight around a league which has had trouble keeping him in check.

Plus, we’d all be very bummed out if the party ended so that is a win for everyone.

Congrats on the new deal, Jamie. You have certainly earned it.